At first glance, it seems a formidable task to approach this book. Without question it is a serious volume, and is put together with great care. As there are no color pictures, one would imagine its primary appeal is to the professional in the field of fine prints, posters, and illustrated books, as it always has been.

Yet we have found that tens of thousands of people throughout the world, having little familiarity with fine prints and posters, use Gordon's regularly. So one of our major tasks has been to make it more accessible to the "amateur" in the field. The world of fine prints and posters is fascinating and rewarding, and should be fun. We hope our detailed explanatory material will reveal to you the wealth of information that lies within these pages, and make it more enjoyable. Some highlights follow.

We are delighted to include more than 52,000 entries this year. This is far more print and poster related entries than any other art price reference guide.

We continue to report the prices realized in the Euro, in additional to the US dollar and British pound, and the currency of sale, if different. As before, we give the pre-sale estimates, as well as margin and condition information, when available. No other guide offers the depth and breadth of our entries.

In our continuing effort to reach out to our European friends across the "Pond", the How to Use the Book section appears in both French and German. We would be happy to do the same in Italian and Spanish, if we had willing volunteers, and of course we would credit you. Don't be afraid to step forward!

Every year, we fine-tune the "How to Use the Book" section of the Annual. We approach this task gingerly since it was written, after all, by Marty Gordon, and is difficult to improve upon. Thanks to Marty it is relatively short, succinct, informative, and has its own personality.

The Reference Abbreviations section has been extensively updated, with hundreds of additional listings added. The Bibliographies will catch up soon, so that full information on the Catalogues Raisonnes mentioned in the Reference Abbreviation section will be listed there. We didnt want to withhold the new references until this monumental task of updating the Bibliographies is finished, however, so we trust our faithful readers will indulge us. Please continue to let us know about titles and abbreviations we have missed so that we may include them in future editions as well as on our CD-ROM and the on-line Datastore.

Please feel free to call our offices if you need any information or have any comments. We are determined to keep our flagship publication, Gordon's Print Price Annual, the pre-eminent title in its field. We will be very responsive to your requests and suggestions.