Abbreviations & Terms


A After
B Before
C Circa
E Early Decade
L Late Decade
M Mid-Decade
ann Annotated
anot Annotated
ao And Others
blndstam Blindstamp
cllotyps Collotypes
clr Color
coll Collodin
comp Complete
cption Caption
cred Credit
cvr Cover
d Dated
ea Each
ed Edition
flsh Flush
fm From
frmt Format
gel Gelatin
hlftn Halftone
hnd Hand
init Initialed
inscr Inscribed
iss Issue
lbl Label
limit Limitation
ltr Later
mnt Mount
mrgn Margin
neg Negative
no Number
orig Original
photogr Photographer
photograv Photogravure
pnt Print
pnts Prints
ppr Paper
prntd Printed
prtflo Portfolio
pub Published
reprod Reproduced
reproduc Reproduction
rvrse Reverse
s Signed
selen Selenium
sgnd Signed
sig Signature
sil Silver


In: Published in that book, or portfolio, or set (as a separate suite or addition).

From: From that set, book, or portfolio, etc.

For: Made for that set, book, or portfolio, but not necessarily finally included in it; or a proof before the actual edition.

Pub: Published by…