This database contains three different directories:


Auction Houses

Photography Dealers

Fine Print Dealers


These selected directories each include approximately 500 entries per directory, and of course they list auctioneers and dealers worldwide.  These directories differ from the auctioneer/dealer list used for the pricing data in this database, which you can view in the Boolean search window because they contain a more detailed list of auction houses including those whose sales are not reported in the database.


When you open the Directory window, you have a choice of any or all of the three directories.  If you choose more than one directory, the program will combine the two or three choices into one large directory for searching purposes.


The window enables you to search by six choices: Company, Contact (name), City, State, Country, Telephone, and Type.  The search method is similar to that used throughout the database.  The select column is used in a manner identical to that outlined under Printing in the Special/Standard Features section.  Once you have made your selections, you can print using the Print button or send to the clipboard either by clicking on the "Copy Selected to Clipboard" speed button or "Edit" on the menu bar which brings up "Copy to Clipboard".


Another feature of the directory window is the ability to copy the contents of the Address window to the clipboard.  Once you have selected the contents of the address window, the Windows shortcut key, 'Control-C', will copy the data to the clipboard.    


If any information on a specific entry is incorrect or incomplete, or if we have missed someone you think should be in one of the directories, we would very much appreciate hearing about it.