Finding Items by Artist/Catalogue Raisonné #



To access print information by catalogue raisonné number from the artist window, click on the appropriate speed button or choose By Artist/Catalogue # from the Menu Bar.  This brings up a window with a small list box to the right of the artist's name, and to the left of the larger summary/detail window.  This lists all of the artist's prints by catalogue raisonné number in ascending alphabetical and numerical order.  You can scroll down to a print, use the page up/down keys, or use the "blank" area at the top by selecting a catalogue number (a letter and a number, e.g. B 1).  The program will take you there automatically.  You do not need to click the "Go" button.  The "Go" button is used only to take you to an artist.


Once you locate the catalogue raisonné number in the list window, click on the number.  This will bring up all the items in the database by that artist with that catalogue number, with all the information and features identical to those found in the Title window.


Remember that the program will take you "beyond" the number you are looking for if that number is not in the database.  As an example, under Miro if you type in M503, the program will take you to M506, the next number in the database after M503, since M503 is not in the database.


Not all auction houses include catalogue raisonné numbers in their entries.  Therefore, there may be records in the database that do not include the catalogue raisonné number by which you are searching.  It is always recommended that you search by both title and catalogue raisonné.  You may find with the catalogue raisonné number that there are different titles being used (depending on the auction house), and that will help you in your title search as well.


There is a certain assumption that you know the main catalogue raisonné of the artist whose print(s) you are seeking, and the exact catalogue number, if you use this feature.  To find what references may be used, go to the Reference Abbreviations by Artist section, detailed later under Bibliography.


PLEASE NOTE:  When a different artist is selected, the window type currently being accessed (either title or catalogue number) will be the window displayed for the next artist.  That is, if one is using the catalogue raisonné number window and a new artist is chosen by clicking on the new artist's name, the catalogue window for the new artist will appear, not the title window.


If the item you are searching for does not have a catalogue raisonné number, you can toggle back to the title search by the title.