The overall condition of an item, its margins, image, and verso are described if they are noted by the auction house.


Whenever the condition of the item has been referred to in the auction catalogue, we have endeavored to describe this condition.  Our condition reports are concerned with four areas of the item: margins, image, the verso, and the overall condition.  Only defects in condition are referred to in our listings.  Verbiage such as "otherwise in excellent condition" has been left out.  Descriptions in auction catalogues such as "slightly attenuated colors" are described in our listing as "colors faded"; "a few small tears in the outer margins" becomes "tears in the margins"; "some foxing in the margins" becomes "margins foxed".  Words like "small", "slightly", "a few", "some", etc. have been left out of our condition descriptions since one man's "slightly" may be another man's "badly".  An auction house's "a few" may look like another viewer's "many".  These words are judgment values, and we are trying to redescribe condition facts.


The reader is directed to the auction house catalogues themselves to draw one's own conclusions in this delicate area.