Speed Buttons



The Button Bar is a way for users to quickly access certain features of the program using a single mouse click.  Most of the functions (and all of the major ones) found on the menu bar have a corresponding speed button.  If the user "hovers" over the particular button a small yellow box appears which indicates the function of that button.


Reading left to right on the Bar, the buttons are:



Search by Artist/Title



Search by Artist/Catalogue #



  View All Entries



  Create Stationary Artist/Title Window



  Create Stationary Artist/Cat # Window



  Close all Windows



Sort Current Window



Free Text Search        Filter the Data (Boolean Search)        Reset Boolean Search



General References        Monographs and Catalogues        Reference Abbreviations















View Favorite Artists



Send Feedback



Clear Select List



Copy Selected to Clipboard



Print Selected Items



Open Help File




All of these functions are explained at the appropriate location in this Help File.