This section works in an identical fashion to General Reference Works.




This part of the bibliography lists "Monographs and Catalogues" on individual artists.  It is arranged alphabetically by artist.  As the bibliography is cumulative, it includes sources cited in Gordon's volumes in addition to other material.  Conversely, because the Reference Abbreviations have been updated, yet the updating on the Bibliographies is still underway, the new information may not appear in the bibliographical sections.  



The listing of catalogues is meant only for the convenience of those wishing a quick reference and is not intended to be exhaustive or comprehensive.  Standard citations are given (generally) only for artists whose work appears in this database, and often only the major reference is cited here.  Due to space limitations, we have often initialed the author's first name, shortened titles, cited a single edition, etc., with the intent being to quickly acquaint the reader with what literature might be available for further study.  Those needing complete citations should consult basic bibliographic works in the field.