Finding Items by Free Text (Specific) Search



Whether you have the All Entries window or a specific artist window open, the Free Text search works the same.  Clicking on this choice brings up a small window entitled "Find".  In the "Find What" box, type the word you are searching for, then click "Find Next".  If a match is found in the title field, it will be displayed in the All Entries window.


There is a difference between selecting and sorting.  It is sometimes more difficult to display the result of the search than it was to do the search itself.  This is the case here, where we are somewhat limited by the type of the window available.  However, the data is there and you can pull it out.


The search is made both "up" and "down", that is, wherever you start the search, the program will search first "below" the word you have selected, and then "above", so it is one continuous, seamless search.  Because of this, the results will not necessarily be shown in alphabetical order.