Abbreviations & Terms



Although terms are usually spelled out in full, some cases necessitate abbreviations.  Following is a list of those abbreviations most frequently used:


&   And

+   Plus

#   Number

A or ann or anot   Annotated

aft   After

ao   And Others

ap   Artist's Proof

aqua.   Aquatint

B   Before

bk.   Book

Blndstam   Blindstamp

BT   Bon A Tirer (right to print proof)

C or ca   Circa

cllotyps   Collotypes

clr   Color

coll   Collaboration/Collaborator

comp   Complete

cption   Caption

cred   Credit

cvr   Cover

D   Dated

ded.   Dedicated

dryp.   Drypoint

E   Early Decade

EA   Epreuve d'Artiste (artist's proof)

ed   Edition

Eng.   English

et.   Etching

eng.   Engraving

flsh   Flush

fm   From

frmt   Format

Fr.   French

gel   Gelatin

Gr.   German

HC   Hors Commerce (apart from regular edition - artist's proofs, etc.)

h-t   Hors Texte (unbound)

hlftn   Halftone

hnd   Hand

init   Initialed/Monogrammed

inscr   Inscribed

iss   Issue

just.   Justification

L   Late Decade

lbl   Label

limit   Limitation

ltr   Later

M   Mid-Decade

m   Monogrammed

mnt   Mount

mrgn   Margin

n   Numbered

neg   Negative

no    Number

orig   Original

photogr   Photographer

photograv   Photogravure

pl (:)   Plate (plate number in that set)

pnt   Print

pnts or pts   Prints

PP   Printer's Proof

ppr   Paper

prf   Proofed

prntd   Printed

prtflo or po rt. Portfolio

pub   Published/Publisher

reprod   Reproduced

reproduc   Reproduction

rvrse   Reverse

s   Signed

selen   Selenium

sgnd   Signed

sig   Signature

silkscr   Silkscreen

sil   Silver

tp   Trial Proof

t   Titled

v. or vol   Volume

w/   With

wct.   Woodcut

WP   Working Proof






In: Published in that book, or portfolio, or set (as a separate suite or addition).


From: From that set, book, or portfolio, etc.


For: Made for that set, book, or portfolio, but not necessarily finally included in it; or a proof before the actual edition.


Pub: Published by…