About Louise Blouin Media



Louise Blouin Media holds the world's most comprehensive portfolio of assets devoted to art and culture - encompassing magazines, websites, guide books, art price guides and art sales databases, plus an exhibition catalog and book publishing company. Louise Blouin also leads a philanthropic cultural foundation, nonprofit institute, and an annual global creative leadership summit.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled access to the world of art and culture - to inspire, educate, and inform our readership.


Our audience comprises tastemakers and influencers who define wealth via their art acquisitions and cultural habits - including art, luxury goods, design, and travel. 


Louise Blouin Media associates its brand with what is most compelling about global art and culture today.  Partnering across the globe with over 20,000 galleries, museums, auction houses, biennials, and art fairs, Louise Blouin Media has the ability to provide our advertising partners with outstanding marketing opportunities to reach the cultural elite.


"No longer the esoteric province of a highly discreet few, the buying, selling, and making of art have captured a wide audience--and everyone wants a piece of the fun."

Anthony Barzilay Freund, Vice President, Editorial Director





A Dynamic Experience in Art and Culture



ARTINFO.com is the online destination of Louise Blouin Media, the world's leading cultural media group. Its mission is to provide unparalleled access to the art world as THE online source for arts and culture information in its many forms. ARTINFO is the exclusive home for Art+Auction, Modern Painters, and Culture+Travel on the web. ARTINFO provides a comprehensive global listing of artists, museums, galleries; trusted auctions data from the Art Sales Index and solid market analysis; on-the-ground reporting of international art events, people, and stories; and who and what, and where it's taking place in the art world.


"ARTINFO brings the best of Louise Blouin Media online, with up-to-the minute journalism, market data, events listings, and artist pages delivering real meaning and context to the art world on a daily basis."

David Grosz, Editor in Chief




A Global Showcase for Artists and Culture Makers



MYARTINFO.com is the MySpace of the global creative community for artists to explore (and evolve) their network, extending beyond the visual arts to include architecture, fashion, design, the written word, gastronomy and more. MYARTINFO showcases thousands of artists and 10,000+ artworks from all corners of the globe, providing a localized point of view with more than nine language versions. MYARTINFO is an active community who blogs, shares, and rates artworks in creative dialogue with one another-a who's who of the emergent arts scene on the web  


"It is the ultimate platform for promoting artistic talent around the world to bridge cultural differences." 

Louise Blouin, founder and CEO of Louise Blouin Media




The International Magazine for Art Collectors



Art+Auction is the leading international authority on investing in fine art, antiques and other collectible objects and an independent source of knowledge and analysis. Written for the serious collector, the magazine provides the latest news and insider intelligence on the art market, investigates key trends and showcases the artists who drive the industry. Our editorial team and contributors identify the issues that affect collectors' acquisitions and 

arts-related choices.


"This is the one magazine for people who are deeply invested in art, both emotionally and financially. To know where the art market is going, you need to read Art+Auction."

Anthony Barzilay Freund, Editor in Chief



Modern Painters

The International Contemporary Art Magazine



Modern Painters is the definitive international source for analysis of contemporary art and culture - from painting and sculpture to photography, film, architecture, design, and performance. Our oversized pages are visually dynamic, full of artwork by some of the most exciting talents working today, much of it previously unseen. The writing - by some of the best known voices inside and outside of the art world - is fresh, incisive, and above all accessible. 


"Not only does Modern Painters offer intimate, intriguing glimpses into the lives and minds of today's most eminent creators, but it also has a unique and proven flair for discovering the art stars of the future."

Christopher Turner, Executive Editor




For travelers passionate about the arts



Culture+Travel brings the world to life. Visually stunning, with the smartest writing around, it has fast gained a reputation as the most intelligent and gorgeous magazine available. Always surprising, Culture+Travel gets deep under the skin of a place. Top art photographers, journalists, and novelists ensure a fresh take on favorite places, and introduce discoveries you want to visit. Arresting images, thoughtful prose, and up-to-the-second information inspires readers to travel to unique places in today's ever-changing travel landscape.


"We let writers tell the stories the other magazines won't. And, as a result, we satisfy the reader's curiosity in ways the others can't."

Kate Sekules, Editor in Chief


Gallery Guide

The Monthly Guide to Leading Galleries and Museums



The definitive monthly source of information about gallery exhibitions, around the world, for over 35 years. There are five editions, covering four major US regions( Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West Coast) and one covering Europe/Asia. Gallery Guide reaches an exclusive audience of art collectors, patrons, and dealers who attend gallery exhibitions and events on a regular basis.  Whether tourists or local residents, they are affluent professionals who have the means to satisfy their cultural passions and enhance their lives through art.



Gordon's  and  Art Sales Index

The ultimate fire art pricing resources



Gordon's and Art Sales Index publish annual pricing guides and art reference materials that provide information to an international audience of art professionals, collectors, artists, institutions, galleries, appraisers, auction houses, and arts enthusiasts. With more than 4 million entries, and information on more than 350,000 artists, Gordon's and Art Sales Index's books, CD-roms, and online databases offer the most comprehensive listings of art sales, pricing, art at auction, photography, and prints.  






The leading publisher of catalogues for museums and galleries in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada, Somogy launched its English language editions in the U.S. for the first time in 2006.  These publications, developed with the most prestigious museums and institutions, are written and edited by prominent specialists in their fields.