The "select" column is found on a number of the windows created when searching for artworks.  The Artist/Title and the Artist/Catalogue windows are the best examples of this.  When you have chosen an entry for printing, left click on the Print check box to the left of the print title.  A check will appear, which indicates you have selected that entry to be printed.


Once you have selected all the entries you want to print, click on the speed button for printing or access this function from the File section of the menu bar.  A window now pops up gives you the choice of printing the Summary only, the Detail only, or both the Summary and the Detail. On the same screen is the choice of how you want the data sorted in the print out.  You will note that the "default" is to Artist / Title / Date / Lot, which is the way it is displayed in the artist title window.


Making a choice here leads to the third printing window, where you can preview the page(s), change printers, etc.


Remember to clear the list of the items you selected, unless you wish to print them again (or perhaps send them to the clipboard), before you choose new items.  Otherwise the old items will be printed again.  Do this by selecting the Clear Select List speed button or the File section of the menu bar.