Finding Items by Artist/Title



Artist Selection:


The Artist Selection Box is a static box in the main window that remains constant throughout a variety of searches.  


To find the artist you wish to select, you can scroll up or down this window, use the page up, page down keys, or enter the artist's name in the "Go" box and click on the "Go" button (or hit the enter key).  


Until you are familiar with the program, when you enter an artist's name, we recommend that you enter only the first 4 to 6 letters of the LAST name, since if you spell it incorrectly the program might take you "beyond" the artist's name and you may have to repeat the process.  So for example, typing in REMBR takes you to Rembrandt.  If you wanted Rembrandt [after], you would find it to be the next entry down.


If you want to "browse" artists alphabetically, just type in the alphabetical letter (e.g. C) and the program will take you to the first entry with that letter (in this example, the C's).


Summary Information:


Once you have found your artist, to bring up that artist's artworks by title, you can either left click on the artist's name, click on the appropriate speed button, or choose Search by Artist/Title from the Prints/Prices section of the menu bar.


This window, with its grid-like appearance, gives you the summary "at a glance" essential information about each item by that artist, arranged alphabetically.  The title, the sale date*, the U.S. dollar value, the sale type, and the catalogue raisonné reference number(s) are given.  Sale types are: sold, buy-in, offered, NR (not reported), WD (withdrawn), and SA (sold after sale).  


You can scroll up or down this list or use the page up, page down keys.  To find a particular item, type the name of the artwork in the Title Search box.  The program will automatically take you there.  Omit any articles (the, a, an).  Again, like the artist choice, you do not need to enter the full name of the artwork.


To browse the artworks of a particular artist, type in the letter of the alphabet where you wish to start.  If you want to browse all of an artist's works, just select A.


Clicking on any particular artwork automatically brings up the detail of that item, in the window below.


Detail Information:


Greater detail on a particular item is given in the smaller window that appears directly underneath the summary window.  The amount of information in this window will vary according to what was available from the auction catalogue.  As we are constantly increasing the depth of our entries, the more recent years will see greater detail (condition, impression, paper, etc.).  This information will parallel that in the book, with the exception that we have the luxury of correcting entries online.  In the case of any discrepancies between the data in the book and on online, the online data takes precedence.


Pricing information, in greater depth, appears to the left of the detail window.  The sale type is noted, along with prices in dollars, euro, pounds, and marks.  The currency of sale is bolded.  If the sale was in a currency other than these four, that currency is listed as a fifth entry, under the mark price.