Price/Sale Information



Auction House:  The name of the auction house appears in the entry along with the name of the sale in parentheses.  A list of auction houses used in the entries and a list of the sales included appear in the directory.


Auction Date:  The month, day, and year of each sale are given in this order in Arabic numerals with slashes.


Lot Number:  Lot numbers are preceded by the annotation "#" and are given in Arabic numerals.  These are occasionally followed by the letters given by the auction house when more than one lot has the same number.




Sold Artworks:  Prices are given to the left of each entry in U.S. dollars, the Euro, and British pounds.  IF THE AUCTION WAS HELD IN A CURRENCY OTHER THAN THESE THREE CURRENCIES, THAT SOLD PRICE IN THE CURRENCY OF THE HOME COUNTRY ALSO IS INCLUDED AT THE END OF THE ENTRY (e.g. "4375 A$"). All sold prices include the buyer's premium as well as any VAT on the premium that is mandatory for every purchaser to pay.  Therefore, stated sold prices are the minimum price every purchaser must pay for the lot.  VAT on the purchase price or sales taxes are not included. 


THE "CURRENCY OF SALE" PRICE IS BOLDED if that currency was dollars, Euros, or pounds.


There is no price cut off.  Thousands of lower-priced prints, which the reader will find nowhere else, are listed.


Bought-in Artworks:  LOTS THAT FAILED TO SELL which are "bought-in" (often referred to as a "buy-in") also are stated in U.S. dollars, the Euro, and British pounds to the left of each entry, but ARE PLACED IN BOLDED (PARENTHESES) (  ).  They are expressed by giving the auction house's low estimate only, without the buyer's premium or VAT added.  This is a change from years past, after much thought and discussion.  IF THE "BUY IN" SALE IS IN A CURRENCY OTHER THAN U.S. DOLLARS, THE EURO, OR BRITISH POUNDS, THE LOW ESTIMATE IS GIVEN IN THE SALE CURRENCY AT THE END OF THE ENTRY, PRECEDED BY THE WORD "ESTIMATED"  (e.g., "ESTIMATED FF2275") [Parentheses then are also placed around the dollar, Euro, and pound figures]. 


Not Reported/No Results Published Prints:  Sales results for auctions are sometimes not published or, despite our repeated requests, not provided to us prior to our publication deadline.  These are reported by us in a manner identical to that for those "bought-in" except that the prices are placed in bolded [BRACKETS]  [  ] not parentheses. 


Withdrawn Prints:  Occasionally, a print is withdrawn from an auction after the catalogue is published but before the sale itself.  Again, these print prices are expressed by giving the auction house's low estimate only, and are placed in bolded {­BRACES},  {­  } not parentheses (buy-in) or brackets [not reported]. 


Sold After Sale Prints:  Sometimes an item will not sell at auction, but a sale will be negotiated afterward, and the auction house will report these separately from the lots actually sold at the auction itself.  These lots are placed in bolded <LESS THAN/GREATER THAN>  <  > not parentheses (buy-in) or brackets [not reported] or braces {­withdrawn}, and do include the buyer's premium and VAT. 


Pre-Sale Estimates:  The auction house's pre-sale estimates, if given in the catalogue, are placed in bolded [BRACKETS]  [  ]  at the end of each entry, e.g., [1,000 - 2,000]. 


Italian Lira:  For your convenience, in our entries the last three zeros of the Lira price are omitted if the print sells in Lire.  For instance, a price listed as "L7500" is actually 7,500,000 Lire.  


Rate of Exchange:  The exchange rate used for currency conversions is based on published daily rates of exchange.  If an auction took place on a weekend, the following day's rate of exchange is used. 


We pay meticulous care to currencies, making sure that we give the right denominations for the auction houses and that our dollar equivalents are calculated with the conversion rates applicable to the dates of the auctions.  


The following are the abbreviations for the currencies used in this program:


Australian dollar A$

Austrian schilling AS

Belgian franc BF

British pound £ (or) EL

Canadian dollar C$

Czech koruna CZK

Danish krone DK

Dutch guilder DG


Finnish markka FM

French franc FF

German deutschmark DM

Hong Kong dollar H$

Indian rupee IR

Israeli shekel IS

Italian lira L

Japanese yen Y

Mexican peso MP

Netherlands guilder RDG

New Zealand dollar NZD

Norwegian kroner NK

South African rand R

Spanish peseta SP

Swedish krona SK

Swiss franc SF

Taiwan dollar T$

U.S. Dollar $

Venezuelan bolivar VB