Changing the Date Display


On the Menu Bar, under File, you are able to access a window entitled "Options".  One of the options given there is the ability to change the date format*.


Our program defaults to the date format you have chosen with your Windows operating system.  As an example, if you have Windows XP, German version, and have chosen the "German method" of displaying the date, our program will automatically display the date in that manner.  


If for any reason you choose to use another manner of displaying the date, as an example, the 

"American method", for our program only, you can do so by choosing that method within the Options window.


Following are the Date formats offered:


American:   mm/dd/yy

British/French:   dd/mm/yy

Italian:   dd-mm-yy

German:   dd.mm.yy


*Please note:  


Changing the format of the dates will apply to all areas except for the dates in the detail section at the bottom of the browsing screen.