Each artist's work is in turn arranged alphabetically by title.  If the first word of a title is an article such as "The", "A", or "An", the article has been dropped and the next word becomes the first word of the title (e.g., "A Boy reading" is listed as "Boy reading").  When necessary, titles are shortened to conform to space limitations.



Artist/Title Conventions


This database, since its inception, has adhered to a rigid set of standards relating to the cataloguing of several artists' works, generally those found in sets, series, portfolios, and books.  While the professional rarely has a problem finding a particular entry, sometimes the amateur does.  This system is all the more important with the advent of the CD-ROM and Online database and the ability to list over 20 years of sales of a particular item in one seamless record.  This is yet another reason to search for woks by catalogue raisonné number as well as title.  The artists and the conventions are:


Chagall Ames Mortes: [title]    

  Arabian Nights: [plate number - title]    

  Bible: [title]    

  Daphnis and Chloe: [title]    

  LaFontaine Fables: [title]    

  Land of the Gods: [title]    

  Mein Leben: [plate number - title]    

  Story of the Exodus: [title]    

Durer Bartsch Woodcuts: [BWC]    

  Bartsch Engravings: [BEN]    

Goya Caprichos: [plate number ? title]    

  Desastres de la Guerra: [plate number - title]    

  Proverbios: [plate number - title]    

  Tauromaquia: [plate number - title]    

Lorrain Found under Claude Gellee    

Miro M: English;    

  MA: Spanish and French    

Monogrammist Found under "Master"    

Picasso Ceramic -  [title]    

  Series 156: [plate number]    

  Series 347: [plate number]    

  Vollard Suite: [plate number - title]    

Piranesi Carceri: [plate number ? title]    

  Vedute: [plate number - title]