Viewing Favorite Artists



The user can create a list of "Favorite Artists" with a few simple clicks or keystrokes.  If you find yourself searching for works by the same artists over and over, this feature will save you time.


To add an artist to the list, highlight the artist's name, then click on the Artworks/Prices menu choice.  This brings up a menu with an Add to Favorites choice.  Click on this choice and the artist will be added to your list.  To delete the artist from your favorites, simply do so from the same menu.  Selecting this option removes the artist from your list.


To access the list, choose View Favorite Artists from the pop up window under Prints/Prices, or click on the appropriate speed button.  This will cause the Artist List Box to display your Favorite Artists only.  To return to the regular artist list, simply click again on the speed button or the menu bar.