Catalogue RaisonnÚ Reference Abbreviations by Artist



Generally, the references in this database are those of catalogues raisonnÚs, with the exception of reference numbers used for posters from Poster Auctions International auction catalogues.  We have not checked or corrected these poster references.  The most common poster references are as follows:


DFPI   Das Fruhe Plakate I

DFPII   Das Fruhe Plakate II

DFPIII   Das Fruhe Plakate III

PAI-I to PAI-XXXI   Poster Auctions International I-XXXI

M   Musee d'Affiche 1978

P   Phillips Poster Auctions I-VII


For a more complete description of the many incomplete illustrated books on posters, see the back matter in any Poster Auctions International auction catalogue.