Signed or Initialized:  Indicates the appearance of the artist's autograph signature, monogram, or initials on the sheet, in either pencil, pen, or brush.  No mention is made of a signature made on the matrix (block, plate or stone) and printed with each impression ("signed in the plate").  With reference to books or portfolios, signatures refer to the justification page or colophon; if the items within are individually signed, mention is made (if space permits) within brackets following the title.


Stamped Signatures:  May be placed either in the margin, within the artwork, or on the verso of the artwork; indicates either a full signature stamp or an initial stamp.


Estate Signature: Indicates the signature or stamp of, or approved by, the artist's widow, widower, or heir. 


Printer's Signature: Refers to the signature of the printer or publisher; in the case of books, it sometimes indicates the autograph signature of the author. 


Numbered:  Refers to the written numbers placed upon the item.  They usually will have a numerator and a denominator.  Numbering may be in the hand of the artist or someone designated by the artist. 


Dated:  Generally refers to the date inscribed by the artist.  Dates inscribed outside the print image also may refer either to the date the plate was made or the date of printing. 


Titled:  Indicates the artist has titled the artwork in his hand, although occasionally it is titled by another. 


Annotated:  Covers sundry inscriptions by the artist such as edition size, state, remarks such as HC or EA, or various notes and comments by the artist concerning the impression. 


Dedicated:  An inscription by the artist to a specific person.