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Gordon's and Blouin Art Sales Index (divisions of Louise Blouin Media) are the product of continued collaboration between veteran art publishers, art experts, and you, the art public. We strive to provide you with accurate and palpable art price information as our reference guides have for years. When Martin Gordon launched his Gordonís Print Price Annual in 1978, he started a tradition of uncompromising ethical standards in the art publishing field. He continued this tradition when the first issue of Gordonís Photography Price Annual was published in the spring of 1995. Ray Davenport first published what would become Davenportís Art Reference and Price Guide in 1984. In 2005, Art Sales Index became a part of Louise Blouin Media. Since 1968, (Blouin) Art Sales Index has been at the forefront of the art industry, providing international auction results for Fine Art, including: Oil paintings, works on paper, drawings, miniatures, prints and photographs, and sculptures. The merging of all these titles has formed what is today Gordon's and Blouin Art Sales Index (divisions of Louise Blouin Media). We continue to make additions and improvements to our selection with a commitment to bring the art community what it tells us it wants.

We are enjoying growth in our book arena as well. New titles are the lifeblood of a publishing house, and new ventures de rigueur at any growing company. Louise Blouin Media is therefore most pleased to present The Art of Buying Art by Alan Bamberger, noted art expert, author, and syndicated columnist. This has been called the easiest-to-understand book on how to buy, sell, evaluate, appraise, and collect art:

"The publication of The Art of Buying Art by Alan Bamberger is an event worth celebration by new art buyers, experienced collectors and art professionals who try to demystify the workings of the art market. The author brings to the topic extensive personal involvement with aesthetics, the business of collecting art, and writing about these very complex subjects. He knows the art market inside and out and has the skill to explain it clearly and concisely. The Art of Buying Art is the best insurance policy art buyers can obtain - if they follow the authorís advice."

- Bernard Ewell, ASA
Accredited Senior Appraiser of Fine Art
Santa Fe, New Mexico

As publishing grows further into the new millenium, we are continuing our endeavor to offer something to suit everyoneís needs. While, like many of you, we do love books, the service of providing information now encompasses a broad spectrum of delivery systems. We are proud of the critical success of our Datastore, which continues to offer the Internet-based subscriptions youíve been asking us for. Our core databases, numbering over 1.8 million records, are available on-line. Currently, the vast Gordonís Print Prices, Blouin Art Sales Index, Lawrenceís Dealer Print Prices and Gordonís Photography Prices databases are accessible via the Internet. The data is easily sorted and refreshingly complete. We regularly add new entries to the Datastore, making it the most up-to-date of all our products and the best resource for the most current information. Please feel welcome to try out our free demo.

Louise Blouin Media is enjoying rapid and diversified growth. We strive to present the finest research guides covering Fine Art, Prints, and Photogrpahy to meet the demands of todayís growing markets. Nonetheless, while we continue to revive old titles as well as add new ones, we are determined to grow in a reasonable fashion, and remain true to Marty Gordonís ideals of integrity, scholarship, and ethical standards.


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